BMW M235i Racing Car

BMW M235i Racing Car: Specs and Full Details

Thrill and excitement were the feelings describing the new and imminent arrival of the M235i Racing. Now, the car manufacturer has released full details about the M235i Racing car, joining the company`s other stars like M3 DTM, M3 GT4, Z4 GTE/GTE3 and 320 TC.

BMW M235i Racing is the first M Performance version specially made for the track, being powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine, optimized to 333 horsepower and around 332 pound-feet of torque.

BMW M235i Racing Car
BMW M235i Racing Car

The M235i Racing is mechanically limited to its slip differential, making the car more stable on the track surface, as it also features race-tuned ABS, DSC or traction control.

BMW M235i Racing
BMW M235i Racing Car

The BMW M235i Racing also enhances four-pot calipers in the front and two-pot calipers in the back, H&R suspension components, and KW dampers; the car`s 18-inch alloys make it very safe on the tracks.

BMW M235i Racing
BMW M235i Racing Car

Inside, the BMW M235i Racing comes equipped with a six-point racing harness and also Recaro bucket surrounded by a certified roll cage. Customers can opt for extra seat installed. Before taxes, you can take the car home for around €59,500.

BMW M235i Racing
BMW M235i Racing Car

At that price, the BMW factory has already received 30 pre-orders for the M235i Racing. That means the racing car will surely be an instant success.


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