BMW M3 on Laguna Seca

Real BMW M3 versus simulated BMW M3

We can say with a certain degree of certainty that the Gran Turismo video game is the best simulation game out there. Not just because of the vast content but also for the quality of the simulation itself.

A BMW fan decided to show us just how good the simulation is, spending a lot of time on both real life Laguna Seca race track and the Gran Turismo version.

BMW M3 on Laguna Seca
BMW M3 on Laguna Seca

Using a BMW M3 for both variants, he made a very interesting video outlining the similarities and differences between them. While the real life lap time was 1:40.9, ingame he managed 1:37.9, the difference being blamed on the real life fear.

I have to be honest here, at first glance, I couldn’t tell which side of the screen was the real footage and which was the video game, but luckily I figured it out fast. And that is one more point for the Gran Turismo. It’s videos like this that make you appreciate both human dedication and the level a good game can reach.


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