BMW Electric

BMW to use electricity to reach CO2 standards

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For a while now, the new European regulation on CO2 emissions have been a sore point for BMW, as by 2020 they will have to average 95 g/km.

As this target is almost impossible to reach while still keeping true to BMW’s motto, the German car maker decided to use electric solutions on more models.

BMW Electric
BMW Electric

“Electrification will be a central thread in what we do, be it plug-in hybrid, hybrid or full electrification. The i8 shows what’s possible even below 50 g/km, but we will also offer all standard models with entry-level electrification. We will try to use the modular kit developed for the i3 and i8 on a kit basis.”

While some might cringe at the thought of an electric 4 Series, we should remember that both the i3 and i8 models were lauded as great vehicles. This is a testament that both full electric and hybrid vehicles produced by BMW have the same potential as any other vehicle. Let’s just hope that is enough to reach the CO2 emissions limit until 2020.


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