BMW i3 Video

BMW i3 presented in another video

The BMW i3 will be unleashed upon the streets on November the 16th, and BMW is prepping the way for a warm welcome.

The latest effort involves a very nice promotional video, displaying the i3 model, with a special appearance of its sportier cousin, the i8.

BMW i3 Video
BMW i3 Video

The video is put together quite well, with emphasis on the slow but steady technology advance towards a future free of fossil fuels. Besides the obvious ecological message introduced in the video, BMW also made sure to outline the basic technologies that make the i3 stand out in the EV crowd.

BMW i3 Video
BMW i3 Video

Thus, the words born electric are spread around with a dash of carbon fiber and the omnipresent driving pleasure that the BMW i3 is sure to bring. As for the other features and innovations the i3 brings to the table, we have already covered those extensively in the past. So the question remains, are you ready to embrace an electric future alongside BMW? If you feel uncertain, you can always watch the video below for a bit more motivation.


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