BMW M Division

Future BMW M5 and M6 will sport AWD

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Great news comes from BMW’s M Division, as Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, the department’s head announced some changes for the next generation BMW M5 and M6.

It seems that we should expect them to be sporting all wheel drive systems, although they are still a ways out.

BMW M Division
BMW M Division

The next generation of BMW 5 and 6 Series is expected sometime in 2016 or 2017, with their respective M variants a bit later than that, but the countdown timer has officially started. This bit of news is sure to put to rest the rumors that have been going around for a while now, with their confirmation making a lot of people happy.

It seems that in recent years, the German car maker has been making many changes, and if we are to judge from what we have seen so far, they are on the right path. Still, Nitschke promised that the M3 and M4 will still stay true to their origins of rear wheel drive machines.


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