BMW i3

BMW i3 gets first customer impressions

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We can stand and discuss the BMW i3 all day and throw numbers and complicated words at each other, and fun as that might be, the opinion of the masses is more important than individuals shouting out their thoughts.

So when a car builder has the chance to show a new car to a certain number of customers, the feedback can be really helpful.

BMW i3
BMW i3

And several points have been made at the event What Car? set up, with people expressing both they admiration for BMW’s work and their disapproval of certain features. And after watching the video below, I get the feeling that the i3, albeit a very nice car, has a raised value just on the account of it being a BMW.

BMW i3
BMW i3

One of the main issues the customers pointed out was the manner in which the back doors work. But even this flaw seems to fade in the face of the advantages that the customers themselves have observed. Stuff like interior space, range or price all seem to work for the new BMW i3. This just might be the EV to revolutionize the industry.


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