BMW i3 Concept

BMW i3 official presentation announced earlier than Frankfurt Motor Show

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The soon coming new BMW i3 unit is widely expected by numerous fans of the famous German car maker.

While we all got used with the fact that we shall wait until September for having the chance to officially meet the electric BMW i3, good news keep coming back to us!

BMW i3 Concept
BMW i3 Concept

According to the BMW i3 team, our suspense will be a little bit shortened, provided that they are planning to launch their official presentation at the end of this month, on 29th of July to be more precise.

BMW i3 Concept
BMW i3 Concept

If you were thinking that you already know everything there is to know about the new BMW i3, think again! Rumors say that once entered on the production line, the unit will be at least slightly different from the one presented through all these teasers.

BMW i3 Concept
BMW i3 Concept

For instance, the elegantly round shaped lines of the rooftop together with the semi-transparent doors of the BMW i3 concept will not necessarily become a reality.

BMW i3 Concept
BMW i3 Concept

The only thing left for us is to wait until the end of this month and see whether the official presentation of BMW i3 will perfectly match or not with everything we were told so far!


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