Certified pre-owned BMW program

Certified pre-owned BMWs advertisement

Owning a BMW is the dream of many car enthusiasts and not only. And it is understandable why, as the German car is both powerful and comfortable while not costing an arm and a leg (most models anyway).

But even the most affordable BMW model can be a stretch for some of those looking to buy a car.

Certified pre-owned BMW program
Certified pre-owned BMW program

So the next best thing is looking for a second hand BMW. The problem with that is the fact that you get no guarantee the vehicle is in the shape the owner claims it is. A solution to this comes straight from BMW. They are running a program to sell certified pre-owned vehicles.

This means that you can get your BMW on the cheap side and on top of that you get a 6 year or 100.000 miles extended warranty. The program only sells BMW with a detailed service record which they know are good for that warranty, so there should be no doubt about the condition of the Bimmer.

The German car maker also made a short advertisement for the certified pre-owned BMW program.


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