BMW i3 Spy Shot

BMW i3 spied in less camouflage

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Ever since it was first announced, the BMW i3 started to capture a lot of attention with enthusiasts and media.

Soon after the concept version was presented to the world, spy photos started pouring in from all corners of the world. Now a new batch of shots display more of the highly anticipated electric vehicle.

BMW i3 Spy Shot
BMW i3 Spy Shot

The first photos of the BMW i3 displayed a vehicle draped in camouflage, and soon after, the top half of the car was caught undisguised. With this latest spy shot, the BMW i3 finally sheds some more camo, with only a small area still using the blue disguise.

BMW has big expectation from its first “born-electric” city car, and the car maker spared no expense in making a premium product. The vehicle will be using a full carbon fiber passenger cell and for those that need to get more miles out of it, a range extender will be optional.

The i3 Bimmer will be able to develop some 170 Hp and it will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The range expected is around 160 km on just electric, while the range extender will bring it up to 220 km.

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10 years ago

Love the i3 and i8 absolutely brilliant.
When is it due for sale at
Jakarta – Indonesia?

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