BMW M Motorhome

BMW M provides a motorhome for MotoGP

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BMW has a long history of collaboration with Dorna Motorsport, the organizer of MotoGP, that has stood strong for 15 years.

To celebrate that and also to show its dedication to the partnership and its gratitude towards being the official car of MotoGP, BMW’s M Division provided this year’s event with a state of the art motorhome.

BMW M Motorhome
BMW M Motorhome

The motorhome was built for the use of the organizational members, teams, riders and even journalists and is 15 meter long and 4 meters high. A high grade hydraulic system makes for an easy transition from the trailer state to the motorhome use.

BMW M Division spared no expenses when building the motorhome, and “all furnishings and technology, be it the hydraulics on the exterior or IT on the inside, are state of the art. We are also proud to be able to use what is currently the only 3D car configurator. The design, in the style of the Safety Cars, is also in line with our brand presence”


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