F22 BMW M235i

BMW M2 project still going

BMW’s M Division is always bringing performance upgrades to the German car maker’s already powerful vehicles.

One highly anticipated bimmers is the M2, which will be placed just above the M235i, and many people can hardly wait for it.

F22 BMW M235i
F22 BMW M235i

Rumors place a upgraded version of the M235i’s engine underneath of the M2’s hood, a 3.0 liter turbocharged six cylinder unit. While the old M235i is good for 320 Hp, it is speculated the new one will take the numbers up to 350 Hp, meaning that in just 4.6 seconds it will hit 100 km/h.

Details are still quite eagerly awaited by enthusiasts, and BMW is quiet about them, but considering they will begin using carbon fiber on a more regular basis, we expect to see a lot of it in the M2 as well. Overall design is set to be aggressive, typical of M Division.

The new BMW M2 is expected to come on stage in 2015, and an estimated price puts it around the 45.000 GBP mark.

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