BMW Brand

BMW is the most powerful car maker according to Forbes

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Forbes, the well-known American business magazine, puts BMW on the ninth place in the Forbes rankings, making it the world’s most powerful car manufacturer in the world.

Of course, the first places are occupied by tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft or Intel. Getting back to the automotive industry, BMW is followed by Toyota which ranks 14th, closely above Mercedes-Benz on 16th and Honda on 19th.

BMW Brand
BMW Brand

Far behind comes Audi with a quite disappointing 32nd place, followed by Volkswagen (45) and Ford (59).

If we compare BMW with its main German rivals, we clearly see that the Bavarian company has a quite important advantage ahead of the two companies.

“BMW has earned the trust and respect of consumers all around the world though its consistent focus on delivering high quality in all of its actions,” says Forbes.

With this been said, we have to congratulate the bright people at BMW who managed to keep the company among the first, even in the lead now, according to Forbes.


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