BMW i3 Concept

European CO2 emission standards too high for BMW

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The year 2020 is creeping closer and car makers are struggling to meet the new CO2 emission standards set for Europe. Volkswagen is already well underway to meet that deadline.

And while all car makers agree that the environment is important and do want to help protect it, some might think that the new standards are too high to meet.

BMW i3 Concept
BMW i3 Concept

BMW is part of this camp, considering the target set for 2020 is impossible to reach. This target refers to an overall 30% decrease in CO2 emissions, and BMW considers that this standard is just a political promise that was made with insufficient data considering technology evolution.

For BMW to reach the levels of CO2 expected by 2020, huge amounts of money would have to be poured into technology research and development. And it’s not like the German car maker isn’t trying to go greener. There are a lot of projects funded by BMW to further this very end, like hydrogen collection, alternatives for EV charging and so on.

A prime example of BMW’s efforts are the i3 and i8 “born electric” vehicles. The BMW i3 will hit the markets this year, while the BMW i8 will follow in 2014.


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