BMW 3 Series FLUIDUM art car

BMW 3 Series FLUIDUM art car

We’ve seen several art cars wearing BMW’s badge in the past years but today we get a closer look at a quite interesting one.

The FLUIDUM art car is based on the F30 BMW 3 Series and is the result of a Czech artist. To be more specific, DyCom Group, a Czech BMW dealer, handed a BMW 3 Series to Andy Reiben which managed to restyle it in a very interesting way.

BMW 3 Series FLUIDUM art car
BMW 3 Series FLUIDUM art car

He used several fluorescent and iridescent paints giving the German model an impressive exterior appearance.

When lights go off, the special luminescent paint that the Czech artist used comes into attention highlighting the German model’s main design lines.

With this been said, be sure to check the official videos above, a brief look at the BMW 3 Series FLUIDUM art car.


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