RS Racing E90 BMW M3

E90 BMW M3 by RS Racing

There’s an M3 currently on the market. It’s a great car but there’s a problem with it. We’re all aware its replacement is around the corner and there isn’t too much interest in it.

Buying one of these cars just in order to get it in your driveway will put you into a very unpleasant situation. Your new car will be outdated far too soon in your ownership experience.

RS Racing E90 BMW M3
RS Racing E90 BMW M3

Spending some extra money on tuning bits might make you feel better about it but then you might have spent more than the new car everybody’s talking about.

Is that really a chance you want to take? Can you seriously afford the money to do that just for some extra attention?

If you can, you might want to consider really going out on it. Why not have a car that’s brilliantly done for track racing?

RS Racing E90 BMW M3
RS Racing E90 BMW M3

That’s a place where you and your buddies can enjoy the pleasure of driving without having to worry about peer pressure and what reviewers thing about new models.

RS Racing can hook you up with a custom car that will really put you in the lead of any friendly competition. Just the engine might be enough to do that.

For instance, the 4.0 liter V8 gets pumped up from 420 to 450 horsepower without any loss in power delivery quality.

RS Racing E90 BMW M3
RS Racing E90 BMW M3

There’s a roll-cage, bucket seats, six-point harnesses, 19 inch wheels, racing tires and a fully adjustable Brillstein suspension.

On top of that we get a lightweight racing package which takes 420 pounds off the final weight of the E90 M3. Who cares about the F80 when this acts as a dedicated fun machine?


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