2014 BMW Z4

BMW looking into the possibility of a Z2

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Well now, it is a bit of a situation we’re into, can you really trust the British to deliver some information on what Germany is working on?

Not sure about that one yet but there are a few reports coming in from the UK about BMW possibly creating a new model called the Z2.

2014 BMW Z4
2014 BMW Z4

The Z range has always been made up of fairly interesting vehicles, even if some of them weren’t as good as they could have been.

Building on such a legacy, what could a Z2 model offer? Hopes, discussions about such a model are about to skyrocket, but we do know a few of the ideas behind it.

Allegedly, the guys at BMW are looking into this car and they want to make it but they’re not being absurd about it.

2014 BMW Z4
2014 BMW Z4

Most chances are that it will be a slow seller so making a profit off such a car needs some serious control of the development costs.

Making the marker will almost certainly imply that BMW will need to make the Z2 one of their front wheel drive models.

Since the Z2 moniker some extra sportiness will be in store though so the UKL platform might need to get some BMW and Mini magic altogether.

2014 BMW Z4
2014 BMW Z4

In terms of engines, something more exciting was rumored. BMW’s brilliant N20 2.0 liter turbocharged engine might make a special appearance here with somewhere between 250 and 300 horsepower.

Bring it on, regardless of which wheels are driven, it should be an interesting product.


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