E71 BMW X6

E71 BMW X6 loves xDrive it uses

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I’m sorry if it’s a cliche. I really am. I just like BMW products too much not to enjoy the stuff the company is publicizing these days.

In today’s video we have a simple, demonstration of how clever the xDrive all wheel drive system BMW offers is when it comes to rough conditions.

E71 BMW X6
E71 BMW X6

The vehicle chosen to showcase its capabalities may not be one of my favorite BMW models out there, but it certainly seems to strike a beat with the customers.

It is of course, the E71 BMW X6 SAV and it’s gone to a winter resort. Topical isn’t it? In certain countries you may also find the idea topical too.

Due to some snowins, the roads are unaccessible. Of all the luck in the world, the Snowcat that’s responsible with cleaning it up has some trouble running.

That doesn’t seem to be a problem when there’s a clever four wheel drive system underneath you which can manage which wheels get the traction how and why.

Now, for all the fun and publicity going on, not even I could let this one slide. It’s obvious that there’s a lot going on here that’s not… strictly accurate.

For instance, Snowcats tend to be very heavy and well beyond what you’d expect an X6 to tow under normal conditions.

E71 BMW X6
E71 BMW X6

Then there’s the fact that the slope appears to have been exaggerated thanks to some capable camera work. Ah still, it’s something nice to watch around the holidays.

Why can’t we just appreciate simple things, even in times like these?


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