2012 BMW S1000RR

2012-2013 BMW S1000RR recalled with kickstand issue

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Here’s something where the nearing of a new year doesn’t necessarily signify the beginning of something different, interesting better or… positive.

The owners of a 2012-2013 BMW S1000RR motorcycle will know exactly what I’m talking about since they’ve recently received (or are about to receive) a recall notice.

2012 BMW S1000RR
2012 BMW S1000RR

Their beloved two wheeled beast may have a bit of a problem with its kickstand. Nobody’d want to see it fall over, even without considering other issues.

A lose stand means that you might believe it’s actually fine initially and then find yourself hurt underneath it.

In somewhat more fortunate conditions, your S1000RR might fall over somebody’s car or who knows what, causing some genuine damage.

2012 BMW S1000RR
2012 BMW S1000RR

The affected bikes are the ones manufactured between September 2011 and December 2012, thus sold under 2012 or 2013 modelyears.

According to the recall notice, during the manufacturing process some of the bolts may not have been cleaned properly, thus resulting in loosening over time.

Owner forums seem to be aware of the problem for some time now. The number of complaints isn’t large and most of them consider this little more than an inconvenience.

2012 BMW S1000RR
2012 BMW S1000RR

The all-watching NHTSA isn’t really on the same page as they will not let the Bavarian manufacturer off this easy.

A recall is scheduled to begin as early as possible in January 2013. In the meantime, owners are recommended not to ride their bike.

That’s quite the bummer if you were planning to spend the few remaining days of the year on the road or track with your favorite two-wheeled toy.


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