BMW 7 Series Ski lift

Go skiing in a different kind of F01 BMW 7 Series

BMW offers quite a lot of variations of the F01 7 Series. There are varying length choices for the body, various engines, various trim levels and even some Alpina prepped options.

Beyond that, there’s the whole range of options you can tick on or off and the considerable amount of color choices available to make sure it’s yours and yours alone.

BMW 7 Series Ski lift
BMW 7 Series Ski lift

You might be as, if not more familiar with the 7 Series range than us here ath BMWCoop, but how are you on knowing the limousine outside the BMW production?

Have you ever heard of a company called Leitner? They’re the new partners BMW got with to create something related to the 7 Series.

Unfortunately, it’s not really the sort of thing we’d appreciate instantly since it’s not a car. The two have actually made a new ski lift.

BMW 7 Series Ski lift
BMW 7 Series Ski lift

It can waft and it can provide you with a luxurious feeling but driving it is a bit tricky and the luggage capacity isn’t that impressive.

There is enough room for plenty of skis, but beyond that you’re going to struggle to have anything else. Not even as much fun to drive as a Mercedes or as practical as an old Jaguar.

Drivers of the actual 7 Series will find these ski lifts quite familiar since the seats are quite similar and they’re also covered in fabulous Merino leather.

BMW 7 Series Ski lift
BMW 7 Series Ski lift

Remarkably, iDrive is also pleasant and all the trimmings are of the same class as the BMW. Unfortunately, they didn’t quite make enough of these.

They’re only found in the Hochzillertal resort in Austria’s Zillertal Valley.


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