BMW Night of the White Gloves

BMW Museum allows touching of cars again

Feeling is on of our most important senses. When it comes driving, it’s obvious that BMW know how to deliver it. Nobody can deny that.

Not that they were ahead in the discussion they decided to leapfrog the opposition on another field when it comes to feel.

BMW Night of the White Gloves
BMW Night of the White Gloves

BMW’s Munich Museum announced that they will be allowing visitors to actually touch the exhibits and thus get a real feel of the shapes and quality of the aged cars they have there.

Apart from being a premiere in the history of automotive archiving, it’s also a first for any Museum to do so. The Bavarians must have thought things through properly.

With this decision they’ve either opened the floodgates for some interesting decisions at other Museums centered around cars and military hardware or Pandora’s box.

BMW Museum
BMW Museum

Since the experience is bound to be for feel and not usage, there is a bit of a condition you are imposed before BMW will allow you to touch their classics.

You’ll have to wear gloves. In fact, that’s the name of the new event altogether: Night of the White Gloves.

It’s not about to be a permanent decision but it’s starting to become a tradition at the Munich Museum which is running for the fifth edition.

BMW Museum
BMW Museum

The admission at the special night is 5 euros and the gloves are provided by the host. There’s another interesting nugget in here.

The schedule sees BMW’s Night of White Gloves start at 7 pm on November 23 and last until midnight. Isn’t it a pretty coincidence to wear white gloves on Black Friday?


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