F30 BMW 3 Series interior

BMW to make DAB radio standard across range

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As car makers refine their hardware further and further it is becoming harder than ever to make cars that stand out. This is why market leaders like BMW need to think laterally.

Toys and accessories that can soon be fitted to the interior recently got massive boosts of work. A new step in this direction is going to be undertaken by the Bavarians.

F30 BMW 3 Series interior
F30 BMW 3 Series interior

Our favorite German company announces that they will make DAB radio a standard piece of equipment across their entire car lineup.

DAB is about as big a leap forward for listening to radio as the CD would be to a gramophone. Some cars already offer this service, particularly in the higher segment of the market.

Since people have gotten a taste of the digital signal’s strength and sound quality, the appeal has been on the rise.

F30 BMW 3 Series interior
F30 BMW 3 Series interior

The standard is so good that most radio stations will phase out their analog service system very quickly. In some countries the switch-over could happen as early as 2015.

You wouldn’t want to miss the news one day in just a couple of years, would you?

In order to bring the system to all their cars from the cheapest 1 Series to the most jumped up 7 Series, the Bavarians have teamed up with Connects2.

F30 BMW 3 Series interior
F30 BMW 3 Series interior

The plan is not only to come up with a new system to make available for new cars regardless of price but also come up with a retrofit system.

It only seems natural that owners of older models will be able to get digital radio. This will be possible if it will have an RDS text-equipped FM radio.


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