BMW R32 tribute

BMW motorcycle division turns 90

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Sometimes, linking things between and making for lovable segways in between stories happens by itself. We just saw what the near future holds for BMW, but what about the distant past?

As it happens, some 90 years ago, BMW set up their motorcycle manufacturing shop, the outfit we now know as the Motorrad division.

BMW R32 tribute
BMW R32 tribute

Unless you’re living the life as a turtle, you’ll easily acknowledge that what we’re talking about is a long time.

Having survived for this long, BMW’s motorcycle division wants to celebrate the occasion. They will do so by creating a new two-wheeler.

Having spoken at the EICMA international motorcycle show in Milan, Stephan Schaller, BMW Motorrad President announced a new bike.

BMW concept bike
BMW concept bike

It’s to be a retro piece of technology which is a tribute to the original BMW motorcycle, the 1923 R 32 model. The teaser image we have of the new product is just dripping nostalgia.

We’re going to see an air cooled boxer engine powered motorcycle with on of the meanest looks you could imagine on a BMW.

There are few opportunities to go away with the retro ideas and possibly make a flop but if the Rolls Royce and Mini experience have thought us anything is that BMW does retro brilliantly.

BMW concept bike
BMW concept bike

Just like in those cases, customers will enjoy the retro look but also get the benefit of high tech innovation. This should be an interesting one to follow-up on.

In the meantime it’s just happy birthday BMW Motrrad and we can’t wait for you to hit the century of existence celebration bit.


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9 years ago

Nice bike
I like bmw bikes

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