BMW 1 Series GT Spied

Spied: BMW is still secretive about 1 Series GT

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The difference BMW makes between its concept cars and the models with similar names it releases later on in life are, almost always, negligible.

We’ve all known this for quite some time now yet the Bavarians seem to like exercising secrecy when it comes to testing out these cars in public.

BMW 1 Series GT Spied
BMW 1 Series GT Spied

In the case of the 1 Series GT (Active Hybrid Concept) we’ve known what it looks like for the best part of two months now, yet the car is still wearing heavy camouflage.

Not only has this new batch of spy shots caught the 1 Series GT out and about in a spectacularly non-revealing dress, the light fixtures used are the prototype ones.

Could BMW be readying a massive surprise for us? Could they be dramatically changing the look of the 1 Series GT? Could the Bavarians actually change their behavior with concepts?

BMW 1 Series GT Spied
BMW 1 Series GT Spied

Not likely. First of all, the BMW Active Hybrid Tourer Concept received positive feedback at the show and most reactions were on the same page.

Secondly, it is an MPV shape that’s pleasant and still speaks BMW on first glance. They managed to get that with a car that’s so close to being hated for its underpinnings.

If that’s the case, obviously BMW are aware of the fact that the car will have plenty of fans and sell in large volumes.

BMW 1 Series GT Spied
BMW 1 Series GT Spied

Why would any businessman in his right mind make a decision against this sort of favorable prediction and go in a different direction?

My guess is that they’re using camouflage and concealing the model simply to keep people guessing about what the 1 Series GT will look like or have inside.


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