US market E90 BMW 335d

BMW still has plans for diesel in the US

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Due to rather stringent emissions regulations and partly to lack of interest from the US audience, diesels aren’t making it into small cars over there.

Even for BMW, the engine company, the one that makes some of the most incredible oil burners out there, the ability to sell them in the US is limited.

US market E90 BMW 335d
US market E90 BMW 335d

Currently, there’s the X5 diesel option as the only one out there since the E90 335i is no longer available as a new purchase.

The future does hold a few good news for fuel efficiency aficionados as BMW is very interested in bringing more diesel powered vehicles to the US.

An image from a presentation inside the company leaked online and that’s how we’ve been able to find out that the Bavarians are preparing two engines for sale with six of their models.

US market E90 BMW 335d
US market E90 BMW 335d

The twin-turbocharged six cylinder N57 engine will live on, with just about all models having it as an option. The smaller sized vehicles will also get the N47’s variations to have fun with.

That means that your fuel will be burned through a 2.0 liter force fed four cylinder engine that can develop up to around 250 horsepower.

Meanwhile, the 3.0 liter option develops around 300 horsepower and considerably more torque alongside more refined delivery.

US market E90 BMW 335d
US market E90 BMW 335d

Whereas the US still won’t get the M Performance high end diesels, they are still getting a product which is rated by many reviewers as the best of its breed.

It will be available in the F30 3 Series, the F31 3 Series Touring, the F10 5 Series, the E70 X5 and the F01 7 Series.

With the 2.0 liter option, we expect to see the 3 Series, 5 Series and X3 crossover as they can still move quite swiftly with such an engine.


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