BMW Production line

BMW will be building a new factory in Brazil

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Having only recently told us how they shifted cars from one market to another, BMW is now ready to unveil their plan for a new focus on the Brazilian market.

Demand is currently on the rise in the country so the Bavarians want to capitalize on the situation and they are getting ready for massive increases.

BMW Production line
BMW Production line

The numbers aren’t as big as you’d imagine for Brazil and for the Latin America market all together but the rise is what grabs all the attention.

According to the statistics, there’s been 74 percent every year since 2009. The trend seems to be continuing as standards of life go up.

Don’t think Brazil is suddenly getting too rich as last year they only managed to sell 15.200 units. In comparison, that’s the amount they sell in North America in a month.

BMW Production line
BMW Production line

We have to consider the future even beyond the usual stat analysis. Brazil will host a world championship in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016.

I wonder, what cars will the organizers use at these events? Being made in the home market can sound pretty impressive.

Further more the factory will be built, but it will not set out with a regular production line. Instead sub-frames are actually going to be assembled there.

BMW Production line
BMW Production line

The company’s finance chief Friedrich Eichiner, was interviewed by Reuters yesterday and he claimed the project is ready to be sent to Brazil.

All that’s left is to sort out the investment plan with the Brazilian Government. Last we heard Sao Paolo or Santa Catarina were the proposal locations.


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