BMW sales

BMW admits to moving cars from Euro to US

Got the salt? How about the pepper? Great, here’s what’s going on, BMW admit to moving a vast amount of cars around the world.

Well, it’s not the literal version, there’s nothing illegal to talk about and the news itself isn’t that big. The trigger is what made thins blow up.

BMW sales
BMW sales

BMW Group board member and sales and marketing director, Ian Robertson made the announcement during a company event in Munich earlier this week.

For a company that’s constantly at the top of the luxury sales pack decisions like these matter and it can be very relevant as to what’s happening in Europe.

Robetson claimed that “challenges in Europe are getting greater” and that while the market has potential, it will be a few years before things even out.

BMW sales
BMW sales

While that is happening the Bavarians have to adapt to the situation and make faster deliveries in markets where the demand really exists.

At the moment these markets are in the United States and the Chinese market. ACEA, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association has figures to confirm the downside BMW is on about.

Just last month, 10.8 percent less than in the same month last year with major markets like the one in Germany, one of the strongest around being down by 10.9%.

Euro sales
Euro sales

Meanwhile the places like France are down by 17.9%, Italy by 25.7% and Spain by a whopping 36.8%. This isn’t new since the entire market is down by 7.6 per cent relative to the first nine months of 2011.

So how many cars did they shift around? No precise figure was given but a pointer of “tens of thousands” can be quite relevant.


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11 years ago

I would like to understand what the big deal is at this point.

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