F10 BMW M5 vs Tesla Model S

F10 BMW M5 out-dragged by the Tesla Model S

This is not very flattering. One of our favorite cars of all time, the current generation F10 BMW M5 took a bit of a kick to the side of the head recently.

The hit came from the most unlikely source, the newly launched Tesla Model S sedan. That name makes it an all electric car with sporting credentials.

F10 BMW M5 vs Tesla Model S
F10 BMW M5 vs Tesla Model S

What isn’t immediately apparent is the fact that these cars are rivals. They’re not direct ones, but there is a good amount of sense in a comparison.

Both are slated as family sedans, both have sporting credentials, both have similar sizes and, crucially, both cost about the same (in the United States).

Starting off with these ideas, the guys at Automobilemag staged a very simple comparison, one of a drag race between the two cars.

Obviously, the Tesla Model S wins and the reviewers are chuffed, there’s finally something that can take out the institution that is the M5.

Let’s not be petty and look at the proper facts here. No launch control was used in the M5, why not? Even without this function, the driver in the BMW seemed a little slower to react.

Though the race was nearing its end, coming up on 100 mph really saw the M5 make up some ground on the Tesla. Short runs will be its forte, but at the top end it doesn’t stand a chance.

F10 BMW M5 vs Tesla Model S
F10 BMW M5 vs Tesla Model S

Even with the performance run being handed over to the Tesla Model S (and boy would many people want you to), there’s always a problem with charging length.


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