F80 BMW M3

F80 BMW M3 still has a few surprises in store

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Isn’t it nice? We thought we already knew quite a lot about the F80 BMW M3 and yet the Bavarians have something extra in store.

As reports trickle in, the next generation of the M3 will still be surprising when it comes out. Until then however, there’s a few things we will still have find out.

F80 BMW M3
F80 BMW M3

There’s no chance at getting to know the car before it’s unveiled, at least in concept form, but we are getting something major this time.

One of the most important figures the F80 BMW M3 will have on itself is the weight. It’s not a secret that the M3 has been getting chubby recently.

The plan doesn’t call for it to go back to its roots completely, but some serious weight savings are in schedule.

F80 BMW M3
F80 BMW M3

Allegedly 300 pounds will be lost when compared to the E92 M3 as they want this one to weigh as much as the one that went before it.

The E46’s weight came in at around 3.400 pounds but it also had 333 horsepower. The F80 will use the same block but the rest of the engine will be severely modified and then turbocharged.

450 horsepower or so is what most reports are telling us and a considerable amount of extra torque is also in the making.

F80 BMW M3
F80 BMW M3

Performance-wise it’s obvious that the F80 will be a staggeringly fast vehicle. Losing that much bulk will always make things better.

Nurburgring times should be even tastier than previous versions including CSL or GTS options.


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