BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

BMW 2 Series to get extra body shapes

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Yes, you’ve read right. The Bavarians are not only splitting the BMW 1 Series into two branches, they’re also splitting the new creation into more body shapes.

The 2 Series, as the two door version of the 1 Series will soon be known, will be available in two new body shapes and for once, I’m not annoyed by it.

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe
BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

It’s not that I’m the most important person in terms of BMW critique but I, like many folks have gotten enough of all these variations that don’t make much sense.

With the two door compact that is to be the 2 Series I’m actually interested in what they’re up to. There’s talk of a Gran Sport Tourer version which is not the most interesting one.

Despite this, there’s no denying the sort of practicality it can offer and there’s quite a few selling points in having a small car with a lot of practicality inside.

BMW 2 Series Gran Sport Tourer
BMW 2 Series Gran Sport Tourer

Hybrid versions of that car could probably take a few pages out of the Active Sports Tourer concept’s manual and that’s quite the impressive.

What really got me excited is the idea of a BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe. This one will not be a four door coupe-like little car.

From what we’ve been able to gather, it will be one of those compact coupes everybody is in love with nowadays but it will get a BMW 6 Series design feel.

F20 BMW 1 Series
F20 BMW 1 Series

Who wouldn’t want a small car with a sporty feel and design cues from one of the coolest cars out there?



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