BMW M3 DTM racer

Valencia DTM win for BMW and Farfus

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Formula 1 is off on break but in the meantime there’s racing entertainment coming from the world of the DTM. It was a special weekend in Valencia for the sport.

The racing was pretty spectacular and we hear there were lots of cars on the track. Not that we like to slack off BMW competitors but we couldn’t really see them.

BMW M3 DTM racer
BMW M3 DTM racer

Ok, maybe Audi put up a good show and a certain Mercedes team may still be ahead on points but those are mere technicalities.

BMW’s efforts were did proud as their M3 DTM racer stood on pole position at the end of qualifying. The driver who put it there is Augusto Farfus.

You may remember him from his run around the Nurburgring. The one where he used a E92 BMW M3 to scare his wife beyond reason.

BMW M3 DTM racer
BMW M3 DTM racer

Farfus managed to keep his pace and cool until the end of the race. Sounds simple right? Well, it’s far from that but Augusto pulled it off and managed to win the Valencia DTM run.

This is his first win in the championship and quite the momentous moment for somebody who’s a rookie around DTM racing.

The German touring car series is one race away from ending. Later this month everybody will converge on the Hockenheim circuit for a final do or die race.

BMW M3 DTM racer
BMW M3 DTM racer

At the moment HWA’s Gary Paffett is leading the championship but he’s just 3 points ahead of Bruno Spengler from BMW Team Schnitzer.


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