F10 BMW 5 Series accident

BMW test driver dies on Autobahn run

The F10 BMW chassis has recently had its second major accident. Whereas last time an M5 starred in the game and the passengers survived, this time things were less encouraging by the end.

It was an F10 5 Series prototype (most likely one with some sort of new hybrid tech on board) that was being put through its paces on the Autobahn.

F10 BMW 5 Series accident
F10 BMW 5 Series accident

Behind the wheel sat one of BMW’s test drivers, a very experienced chap who’s 45 years old. Unfortunately, not even his experience could help.

As he was pushing the hybrid 5 Series to its limit on the A92 near BMW’s Dingolfing factory a truck pulled out in front of him making impact inevitable.

Sadly, due to the high contact speed, the F10 BMW 5 Series car that was tested hit the rear trailer and effectively destroyed itself.

F10 BMW 5 Series accident
F10 BMW 5 Series accident

We’re guessing BMW won’t be selling anything off this car since there doesn’t appear to be anything worth saving from it after the incident.

The follow-up is horrendous, the 45 year old test driver is assumed to have died on impact. After the crash the highway was closed off for a few hours.

According to the authorities, total damages resulted from the situation amount to some 120.000 euros (155.000 USD). This was pretty easy to evaluate but the investigation will take an extra while.

F10 BMW 5 Series accident
F10 BMW 5 Series accident

German highway policemen like to be thorough and it’s tricky to determine exactly who’s fault it is. Not that we’re biased, but it seems hard to believe it would be the test driver’s fault.

Story references GTS


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