F80 BMW M3 Spyshots

F80 BMW M3 engine spied

Spyshots, spyshots everywhere. That’s how i feel whenever I see a mention of these vile images when the time comes for the release of a stunning new car.

The F80 BMW M3 will probably be more than that but that’s beside the point, I still dislike seeing spyshots and would favor talking about rear seat accommodations on a bike.

F80 BMW M3 Spyshots
F80 BMW M3 Spyshots

This time I really like the idea of these spyshots since they are pretty good in terms of quality and also unique in terms of content.

The images of this F80 BMW M3 don’t really present themselves by saying another 5% of the bumper and another 2% of the lights are visible.

These wonderful bits of information enchant us by providing the first glimpse under the bonnet of the F80 BMW M3.

F80 BMW M3 Spyshots
F80 BMW M3 Spyshots

First impression is… wow, that’s a tight space. I wouldn’t want to be a mechanic on duty when one of these things comes in for a major service.

Second impression is one of wonder. We see the engine is a straight rather than a V6 for sure now, and we do see that it’s fed by two turbochargers.right off the bat.

There’s no sight of the third one that has been rumored around though. That’s not a very big surprise and it also doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

F80 BMW M3 Spyshots
F80 BMW M3 Spyshots

Electric turbos (as it’s been rumored to be) can be placed much more easily since there’s a lot less piping to worry about.

One final impressive bit is the innovative strut placement. Essentially, this gives you enhanced handling characteristics without falling short on pedestrian safety aspects.


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