BMW Williams F1 Car

BMW won’t be returning to Formula 1 very soon

With the 2012 season of Formula 1 being one of the most exciting ever, there’s more and more attention turning to the king of motorsports.

Volkswagen and BMW have both been rumored to return to F1. VW repeatedly denied any plans to do so and it is only know that the Bavarians are going the same route.

BMW Williams F1 Car
BMW Williams F1 Car

Jens Marquardt, current motorsport division director for BMW denied any plans to return to Formula 1, not only for next season but over the mid-term as well.

Obviously, nobody can say anything for sure on the long term but the general idea is that we’re not going to see a BMW roundel on a Formula 1 single seater very soon.

Motorsport Aktuell is a Swiss magazine that interviewed Jens Marquardt and he confirmed that there’s no plan as the rumors have been speaking of.

BMW Williams F1 Car
BMW Williams F1 Car

The July 2009 decision on F1 for BMW will still be in place. That’s when the company decided to pull out of the sport the last time.

BMW have been involved in F1 back in the 50s and 60s as a team. Since then they’ve also been involved in the sport in more modern times but only as engine suppliers.

Unfortunately, the teams they partnered up with never really stood up to the performance of the engines. It’s quite common for BMW to have the greatest powerplant on the grid.

BMW Williams F1 Car
BMW Williams F1 Car

That may be the case but it hasn’t helped results and, ultimately, poor chassis performance was what led to them backing out of the sport altogether.


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