F10 M5 and F12 M6 now in US Showrooms

This one is going to be a whopper for the Americans. BMW have published an announcement according to which their showrooms are now hosting something special.

It’s the amazing F10 BMW M5 and its step brother, the F12 M6, which are now available in showrooms. Buying off the lot just got a lot easier.

F10 BMW M5

F10 BMW M5

Not really the best way to get the M5 or M6 model and spec you want but at least you’re now capable of taking a proper test drive before making the final decision.

Statistics tell us that most BMW buyers don’t go as far as to take a test drive. There’s still plenty of folks out there who won’t buy into something without a proper test.

This is especially worth considering when the car you’re looking into is worth somewhere around the 100.000 USD mark.

F12 BMW M6

F12 BMW M6

What will be interesting to keep track of, courtesy of interested parties, is just how many of these demo cars actually come with a manual.

The F12 BMW M6 also gets the manual transmission as an option but we really don’t expect to see that many of them turn up as expectations are low for sales on it.

Desirability for the manual is as valuable to the M5 as it is, after all, the same drivetrain we’re dealing with.

F12 BMW M6

F12 BMW M6

There’s such as similarity between the engine and the cars underpinnings altogether that there’s just no reason why you’d shy away from being more involved in the drive.

It’s not our decision so no matter how wrong we think it is, there’s not a lot we can do about it.


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