BMW Police vehicles

New BMW cop cars under way

After playing the bad guy in yesterday’s announcement to file a lawsuit against a half dead company from Sweden, BMW is once again going to the good side.

The Bavarian company is readying an update for its full range of cop cars and even some of the motorbikes they provide the law with.

BMW Police vehicles
BMW Police vehicles

There’s no full list of authorities that will get these cars but you can bet the German ones will be the first to sign up for some orders.

On the list of choices for them there’ll be the typical 3 Series Touring, X3, 7 Series High Security model and the X5 Security SUV.

Bike names include the R1200RT, G650GS, F800ST and K1600GT, all of which have been known before. What is particularly interesting in that list is the i3 concept.

BMW Police vehicles
BMW Police vehicles

Allegedly that’s the car the cops will use for less enthusiastic jobs around towns where pollution could become a problem.

The 7 Series limo and X5 SUV are also not exactly the most popular choices for the police but they are appreciated by the diplomats.

They’re the only ones in the lineup that are properly armored and can be spec’d up the point where they’ll stop a bullet from the infamous Magnum 44 pistol.

BMW Police vehicles
BMW Police vehicles

With the BMW 7 Series things go even better as that can be further armored to a VR7 and some bits get the VR9 standard to fight against even bigger bullets.

All these vehicles will be on display at the General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference in Leipzig, Germany throughout next month.


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10 years ago

Somehow these photos have managed to make BMW Police cars look pretty awesome

saqib saeed
saqib saeed
9 years ago

i like it BMW …………….

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