Saab - BMW engine agreement

BMW files lawsuit against Saab

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Saab have only just gotten through the suffering of bankruptcy, missing out on a couple of chances at being saved and ultimately living on as a spare parts division.

They may still live on through their cars and the charm they have but Saab autos is in for an unpleasant notice very soon as the remainder of the company is being sued.

Saab - BMW engine agreement
Saab – BMW engine agreement

The folks filing the lawsuit are the Bavarians at BMW. As much as we love them, it’s not the happiest moment to be talking about them.

Trouble is, BMW have to do this otherwise they miss out on quite a bit of money. According to the lawyer bunch, BMW has a 2.6 million euro receipt with Saab’s name on it.

That’s roughly 3.2 million dollars and it’s supposed to be a bill for several parts BMW have supplied Saab with recently but which they weren’t paid for.

2012 Saab 9-3
2012 Saab 9-3

All of those parts are actually engines, four cylinder units, that Saab used to place in their 9-3 range of small sedans.

From here on, things get a little bit weird as when Saab went bankrupt, they were worth some 500 million dollars while their debt went up to nearly four times.

BMW’s parts bill is included in that huge chunk but the lawsuit can still be applied to the remaining bit of the Saab business as, ironically, they’re responsible for spare parts.

2012 Saab 9-3
2012 Saab 9-3

Meanwhile, Saab’s former owner, Spyker, also has a lawsuit to settle with General Motors for this bankruptcy on which they’re supposed to cash in some 3 billion USD.

It will be interesting to see just which of these lawsuits will go through and who’ll get their money back.


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