E89 BMW Z4

E89 BMW Z4 M Performance version – coming to Detroit

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BMW have promised that the next generation of the BMW Z4 will shake some of its grown up, GT feel and get back to the youthful sporty roadster experience with the next generation.

Until that happens, we’re to get an interesting surprise from the current E89 Z4 as it is going to receive an M Performance version.

E89 BMW Z4
E89 BMW Z4

In other words, there’s going to be a new lo call version of the BMW Z4 M of this generation, one that’s to foresee the sort of sportiness in store.

It should be quite the interesting project “but wait, there’s more” to know about this particular car. Sadly, it’s not to do with the details on it.

What it still known is how BMW plan to unveil this specially prepped M Performance roadster at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show.

E89 BMW Z4
E89 BMW Z4

There’s still four months or so until the event opens up but given the amount of work M Performance has been putting into cars until now that’s quite a quick release.

Everybody will be looking forward to the E89 BMW Z4 sDrive35iS which is expected to gain some 30-40 horsepower from it’s straight six turbocharged engine.

As always, there’s the option of a surprise and we could see an M Performance version of the sDrive28iS. That’s quite unlikely.

E89 BMW Z4
E89 BMW Z4

What has a bit of a probability is to see the suspension and handling characteristics revised alongside a set of aero parts rather than messing around with the cars too much.


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