V12 BMW Z3 Roadster

V12 BMW Z3

BMW has unveiled one of its latest prototypes which is based on the BMW Z3 series (production date: 1996 – 2002). The BMW M Division didn’t hesitate to show us the car so they have published some real photos with the Z3 powered by a V12 engine.

V12 BMW Z3 Roadster

No more details regarding the engine’s specs were declared so we cannot say anything because of this. Also, it seems that some rumors said that this BMW Z3 prototype wears under the hood the M73 5.4 liter engine (~320 horsepower).

V12 BMW Z3 Roadster

It sounds interesting when you hear about a V12 engine in a small car, but… a prototype is a prototype and you can understand the situation of this BMW Z3 powered by a V12 engine.

Attached are some official images from the BMW M Division. Enjoy!


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