BMW HP4 Motorcycle

BMW unveils new HP4 motorcycle

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I know we’re all fans of the BMW cars but out in the motorcycling community the Bavarians have an equally impressive following.

After the S1000RR they’ve just unveiled the new HP4. The two have many similarities but there’s one key difference.

BMW HP4 Motorcycle
BMW HP4 Motorcycle

The different look of the BMW HP4 illustrates more than a redesign. It’s there to showoff what the Motorrad division can do.

Design-wise the bike looks fine, what is important is the diet it’s been subjected to. The BMW HP4 now weighs in at 169 kg (373 lbs) dry.

Once it gets filled with fluids and the tank has 90% capacity the final figure goes up to 199 kg (440 lbs).

BMW HP4 Motorcycle
BMW HP4 Motorcycle

At this point we should remember the fact that the BMW HP4 is now the lightest 4 cylinder bike in the 1000cc class and it still develops the same performance.

The peak output stands at 193 horsepower but, as with track tuned options, the mid-range torque gets a linear boost and a racing developed ABS.

The BMW HP4 will be market ready later this year, ready to achieve its full super sports bike potential be it on the road or on the track.

BMW HP4 Motorcycle
BMW HP4 Motorcycle

Currently, no pricing range is available but there seems to be a bit of a consensus around here. This will be getting a considerable boost compared to the regular S1000RR.

As a market proposition the new HP4 motorcycle could be quite impressive but the race track is where it’s likely to make a difference and give the Bavarians a try at the title this time.


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