BMW i3

BMW to sell cars online soon?

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BMW are doing a lot of stuff to increase sales these days and it’s natural. For a couple of years now, Audi have been breathing down their necks.

Now that Mercedes, Lexus and Cadillac have turned the action up, the Bavarians have a lot of work to do in order to stay at the front.

BMW i3
BMW i3

The newest gimmick they may be trying and plan to work out soon is online selling. We’re used to this stuff now, why not buy a car?

It sounds a little ambitious but let’s think about it. We can take test drives online.

We can get everything else online, we love having stuff delivered and boy do we love not seeing the annoying face of a dealer.

BMW i3
BMW i3

Actually, we can buy second hand cars online, that’s certainly a much greater risk than anything the automotive industry could throw at you.

BMW plans to make a trial run for online sales of the car with the brand new i Range. These models do have something that’s more new age about them anyway.

None of the details were worked out but the idea seems pretty simple. BMW’s car configurator will be extended to include an actual ordering process at the end.

BMW i3
BMW i3

Beyond that, dealers will pick up the website’s orders and then deliver the cars to the buyer’s home and there’s a huge benefit in the equation.

According to BMW, if the project works out by the end some 5-7% off the original cost of the car. With a high expense purchase like that, there’s a lot of savinsg to be considered.


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