BMW Driving Experience course

BMW Driving Experience Program video available

Driving a BMW never was supposed to be something boring to handle but this time the Bavarians are just flaunting it. Or maybe they’re trying to attract more people.

Not to sell new cars but to teach the new or old owners of their products how to make the best of their cars. Or maybe they’re making excuses for extra fun.

BMW Driving Experience course
BMW Driving Experience course

I wouldn’t know what to say about driving a BMW 7 Series through the snow but the skid pad tests in the 1 Series is a lot more fun.

Or maybe the BMW M3 drive around the Nurburgring is the best part. Heck, the racing colors alone could give a guy a lot of excitement.

Then again, combining the snow or skid pad with some serious sideways action in the E92 BMW M3 Coupe does seem to be the win-win situation.

If you get yourself in the BMW Driving Experience Program you can opt for a range of courses so you don’t have to do the stuff you don’t like.

Who knows, maybe if you get friendly with the instructors, you could get some seconds on the Green Hell drive in the M3.

I’m pretty interested in the way the Mini Coupe J Turn courses look but then if I think about it properly, I pretty much like everything the program could throw at me.

BMW Driving Experience course
BMW Driving Experience course

Those who are somewhat more advanced behind the wheel will not get a chance to be bored as there are courses available for performance driving as well.


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