BMW ActiveE

BMW ActiveE and Z4 recalled

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Here’s a fresh one, BMW is recalling one of their most exclusive cars due to some issues with its steering. The same thing applies to the Z4 sports car.

The first of the cars is the electric version of the BMW 1 Series, a little city runabout known as the ActiveE. Believe it or not, the two cars have something in common.

BMW ActiveE
BMW ActiveE

This is, of course, the electrically assisted power-steering device. The problem isn’t directly linked to them but to the way they’re fed electricity.

It seems that there may be some power losses along the way to them and thus, either of the BMW models could suffer from loss of power assistance.

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure out the sort of issues with car control that could lead to or why the NHTSA got in on the problem.

BMW ActiveE
BMW ActiveE

With the issuing of this recall, BMW are getting a first such situation for the ActiveE model which is a few feet short of an experimental prototype.

The Z4, in its previous iterations may have seen a few other problems in its lifetime but rest assured nobody is comfortable with this idea.

Thankfully, a very small number of vehicles can be affected by the steering problems. This is because the Active E was built in very limited numbers.


Also, since only a small lot of the 2012 BMW Z4 has been involved, the total number of cars that will have to go in for a visit with their dealers is no more than 162.


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