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People who will be interested in BMW cars, love electrically powered vehicles and can’t wait to get their hands on the i Range, will have gotten themselves signed up for one of these.

It’s the BMW ActiveE and it’s now been around for enough time to allow people to form opinions.

Actually, the whole point of this exercise is to raise awareness on how the BMW ActiveE electric car is in terms of getting along with.

As you’d imagine with a set of video testimonials about a product of a company that was released by the same company that makes it isn’t full of complaints.

The praise goes on and on, but it’s not in that relentless and easy to disprove way that adverts can be made in. The customers genuinely seem happy with the product.

It’s not often that you hear some performance praise about a small BMW, particularly if all the power it produces is 170 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque.

The top speed of around 90 mph isn’t that impressive either but under commuting situations that’s just fine.

Also, knowing that you have a limited range of around 100 miles will probably keep you from going too fast anyway.

That said, when you do feel the need for some extra grunt, the superb power delivery of instant torque from the electric engine does make it feel faster than it is.

BMW’s ActiveE program has now been in existence for more than half an year now as the cars have been getting to customers since fall of 2011.


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BMW M-Driver
BMW M-Driver
11 years ago

LOL – I know that guy.

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