E70/E71 BMW X5/X6 under a recall

We love it when good and great news comes from BMW but some times some less than good news sneaks through such as this occasion.

The current E70 BMW X5 and its less practical sister car E71 X6 are going to get recalled for a rather serious issue in the near future.

E70 BMW X5

E70 BMW X5

Both cars have some problems with the steering. It probably won’t fail as such but there’s a good chance of it ending up leaking fluids.

There may have been a problem during the manufacturing process and it seems that the aftermath of the issue could be quite burly.

Due to a machining error of the steering gear surface power steering fluids could leak onto the exhaust.

E71 BMW X6

E71 BMW X6

When that’s cold, there’s no potential problem but last we heard, exhausts are usually very hot and there’s a serious fire hazard that results from the equation.

As a result, by the middle of July 2012 some unlucky 2.642 BMW owners will have to make an unscheduled visit to their dealers.

The recall affects only the newest of models, 2012-2013 MY BMW X5 and X6s only, hence the relatively small number of cars that are to be recalled.

Once called in, the BMW mechanics will inspect the steering fixtures and make any necessary replacements to the faulty ones.

E70 BMW X5

E70 BMW X5

As always in such conditions, the BMW X5/X6 recall will cost owners no money and their only inconvenience will be the time spent in the service.

We all know how “expensive” time can be but I’d certainly spend one or two hours in a service than risk the chance of catching fire at one point.


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