BMW M1 Hommage

BMW M1 confirmed for 2016

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I’m still hardly believing it but it seems that the Bavarians at BMW have yet another excellent piece of news for us brand enthusiasts.

Apparently, though it had been on and off for a while, BMW is actually going to make a successor to the iconic M1 supercar of the late 70s.

BMW M1 Hommage
BMW M1 Hommage

Despite having said they decided not to make it last year it seems that the recent worries about the i Range are encouraging them to decide against the decision.

The BMW M1 supercar will be introduced just after they unveil the brand new i8 hybrid range so maybe it’s not time to shout about the green cars being killed off.

As it stands, the schedule sees BMW unveil the M1 sometime in 2016 with no actual plan announced for the actual going on sale bit.

BMW M1 Hommage
BMW M1 Hommage

Nothing has been uttered on the interior, the final exterior look or the power. Whereas the first one is a full mystery, the design is expected to look a lot like the M1 Hommage concept.

As for the performance levels, there’s a fairly conventional kind of technology to consider. Nothing too fancy, nothing too electric or anything of the likes.

The mid-engined supercar will very likely come with a turbocharged V8 engine much like the one in the M Division’s products so far.

BMW M1 Hommage
BMW M1 Hommage

Most estimates see it produce some between 600 and 650 horsepower, having a top speed figure of 205 mph and costing around 250.000 euros.

We will wait and see, but frankly it doesn’t really matter as long as BMW make it and it doesn’t end up costing far more than any Ferrari model.


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