BMW i8

BMW i8 pricing estimated

BMW’s i range green range of cars seem to be more and more talked about these days. The newest bit is focused around the i8 supercar.

According to a couple of reports, BMW already has a price set in mind for the i8 when it comes to the market in less than two years.

BMW i8
BMW i8

This price isn’t a few million as most estimates would call it but a rather modest for a supercar or for something that is partially electric.

Ian Robertson, BMW’s global sales chief reckons the i8 could hit the market at as little as 100.000 euro which is roughly 125.000 USD.

Further more, the BMW i3 would also be priced well since Robertson claims it will be “very competitive” given the technology it’s offered with.

BMW i8
BMW i8

The small hatchback is said to be somewhere around 30.000 on the road so it would technically compete with some of the regular high end hatchbacks.

That seems like a more than fair price which is serious surprise for BMW who seem to be overcharging their consumers lately.

There was even some talk about the way these cars would reach the customers. Dealerships selling BMW’s i range isn’t going to be limited to the newly introduced stores.

BMW i8
BMW i8

The ratio of dealerships out of the grand total in Germany is 45 out of 200. The rest of the world will be getting one that’s less than this “near 1/4” of the Vaterland.

Either way, it all seems like more than plenty. We’re almost certain green folks will find a way to get one and are thrilled to find out the new prices.


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