BMW i8 Concept

BMW announces production site for i8 engine

Recently there have been some woes about the i range, it’s financial future, costs and whatever other similar issues but all those seem to have disappeared.

It’s not that the Bavarians have assured eco-friendly car buyers that they’re watching over them, it’s just that in their latest announcement, nothing was spoken about those problems.

BMW i8 Concept
BMW i8 Concept

Instead, the guys at BMW announced the production site for the internal combustion engine they’ll be placing in the upcoming i8 hybrid supercar.

The three cylinder TwinTurbo power 1.5 liter engine will develop 220 horsepower and some 221 lb-ft of torque while still providing some decent fuel economy.

Granted, It’s not the best thing to appeal to people who’ve got the green bug but it’s a cracking engine. Apart from everything it promises in terms of performance and fuel economy, there’s the more practical stuff.

BMW i8 Concept
BMW i8 Concept

We’re talking about the simple idea of how the new engine BMW puts in the i8 is basically half of their glorious 3.0 liter straight six.

That’s the kind of stuff that keeps development costs down and reliability factors up. Maintenance should also come in cheap since plenty of parts are shared.

The new engine will be built at BMW’s engine plant in Hams Hall, near Birmingham, UK. This facility was built and started work in 2001 and has been on a roll ever since.

Hams Hall BMW engine plant
Hams Hall BMW engine plant

Only recently, that factory rolled out its 3 millionth engine. It’s one of BMW’s key facilities and one of the most important bits of the British automotive industry.

That seems like a worthy location to build an engine for a game changing car.


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