BMW Zagato Coupe

BMW Zagato goes on film

It’s a special weekend for BMW products. The product lineup, the future plans, the sales figures and all that lot don’t matter this weekend as it belongs to the BMW Zagato Concept.

A collaboration between a car maker that makes some of the best underpinnings of the industry and a coachbuilder that makes some of the stunning designs had very little chance go wrong.

BMW Zagato Coupe
BMW Zagato Coupe

Even though I’m not the biggest fan the BMW Zagato coupe has, I couldn’t say anything other than it being a success for both companies.

In preparation for such a warm welcome, the two companies have created a few videos that showcase just what the new Zagato creation is about.

There’s a lot of people who’ve had a say in what the “making of” of this new BMW concept is about. That’s a nice video to see, but a tad boring, just like the following one.

Don’t worry though, both BMW and the Italians at Zagato have a good idea about what truly excites us petrolheads so they’ve also created the opportunity for the following one to be created.

We couldn’t accept the BMW Zagato concept being a fully working and running creation without having a good look and listen, right?

Sadly, both parties are keeping it quite cool about telling us just what is making that noise. Most estimates are pretty sensible and speak of the drivetrain coming from the BMW Z4.

That means we’re talking about a 3.0 liter inline six with 320 or 335 horsepower teamed to a very comfy setup.


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