BMW Zagato Coupe

BMW Zagato Coupe

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A German company like BMW does a lot of things for fun, entertainment and everything you might need to make your spine tingle behind the wheel but this is still unexpected.

A fresh unveiling from the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is wearing a BMW badge. It’s called the BMW Zagato Coupe so you can imagine the counterpart behind it.

BMW Zagato Coupe
BMW Zagato Coupe

Italian coachbuilder Zagato already created a couple of concepts for BMW, both coupes, but this one has something different about it.

Unlike the BMW M1 Hommage or the 328 Hommage concept, this Zagato product seems like the it’s here to be shown off for the actual future rather than a small presence at the time.

Though some already seem horrified at the idea, this could be the sportier Z4 that we’ve been recently promised. Maybe a racing car could spawn off this model to say the least.

I’m not pushing for its favor since I’m not the biggest fan around but even I can’t deny the BMW Zagato Coupe is a looker.

I’d probably have a second look at the back and that rather steeply cut side window before making it into a production vehicle but overall it seems like a pleasant deal.

If that won’t be the case I probably won’t be disappointed with the final product. Also, fans of Zagato will tell you that this is no fragile show toy.

BMW Zagato Coupe
BMW Zagato Coupe

The BMW Zagato Coupe is actually a perfectly running one off model. It may have been by hand by Zagato’s craftsmen but underneath it’s as solid as a BMW should be.


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steve high
steve high
11 years ago

How much is the price on the Zagato coupe

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