BMW 135is

E82/E88 BMW 135is Coupe & Convertible introduced

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Those unlucky Americans, particularly those living in the United States there of, they’ll never have the chance to buy one of the F20 M135i models.

In order to compensate for this unfortunate situation, BMW will be selling them either of these; a 135is Coupe or a 135is Convertible.

BMW 135is
BMW 135is

The only thing is that they don’t look like a brand new F20 1 Series but the older E82/E88 generation. The reason is quite simple, the newer version is not ready.

In the United States at America there’s no hatchback version of the 1 Series, only the coupes and convertibles are available and there’s quite a following of the 1 Series M Coupe.

Getting back to the new releases, both the drop top and the two door coupe are powered by the same newly refreshed 3.0 liter straight six cylinder engine.

BMW 135is
BMW 135is

We’re looking at the TwinPower Turbo side of 317 pound-feet of torque here and they come along side a neatly packed 320 horsepower.

That’s a bump of 20 horsepower and 17 lb-ft of torque over the previous generation and, of course, you’ll be able to specify it with the newly introduced M Performance parts soon.

Even without those, the BMW 135i is quite the great handling machine. It gets a revised sport suspension as standard, new 18 inch alloy wheels with a fresh set of tires to make for more grip.

Excluding the $895 destination charges, BMW will put you in a 135is if you’ll pay a starting price of $44.195 for the coupe and $44.895 for the convertible.


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12 years ago

I am confused. I own a 2011 BMW 135i convertible with the M sport packageand I upgraded it with the $500.00 performance pack and I have 320hp nad 317 lb-ft. Why is the 2012 135 is $4,000 more? What else do you get?

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